As I wrote last time, I’ve been wanting to update my website and my logo. Just another step into building my business. :P
I was praying and praying about this with Father. (Yes, that means I was probably whining sometimes. *blushes* You’d think He’d tell me to shut up sooner or later. :P What a merciful Father we serve.)

Unbeknown to me an old friend of mine was praying that God would bring business her way, as she starts a new business in graphics design! ;)
She had some free time and randomly made something that I thought was really cool and caught my attention. Father encouraged me to write to her and ask about making me a logo!

Needless to say, even the little things like that, putting it all together so that He works both sides of a miracle. :P
A logo for me, and a job for her. It’s just something that has blessed me and thrilled me that He would do something like that for both of us! :D

Just tickled, and feeling extremely blessed, and had to share it with everyone.

Many MANY blessings this weekend!
I think I’m taking some time off in preparation for Rosh Hashannah. ;)
So enjoy the weekend.

Yet again, I haven’t updated pictures.
But I’m just letting you know… I AM posting pictures soon! :P
I have about over a dozen other photoshoots that I have done since I last posted earlier this Summer.

You can “like” my page on Facebook if you’d like! I post some updates on there.
Or you can add me as a friend on Facebook. I do have more pictures up there than I do anywhere else.
(Other than Flickr. *laughs* Feel free to look through my Flickr account as well.)

You can contact me if you’re interested in your own photoshoot!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!

P.S. Thanks for being patient, I appreciate it! ;)

I forgot these new portraits! :P
Some are friends, some family. But all of them were tons of fun!

Shelby May - Enjoying the flowers
One of Shelby’s Senior Pictures.

Shelby May -On the bench
More of Shelby. She’s SO cute!

Shelby May -Field of dreams
And one of my favorites of her!

Enjoying the view-
Aaand one of Neesh out by a river. (One of my favorites of her too!)

Reaching for the light-
One of my favorite pictures of Squish.

Marsie, though it’s not one of my FAVORITES, I still like it.

By the Depot
And last, but certainly not least. A picture of Jeff, Neesh and Shelby, out after the concert for the Depot.
This was fun, though I didn’t work hard on positioning them. So it could be better, but for a ‘snap it while you’re running home’ picture, I think its fun!

A friend told me that I just keep getting better and better, hence why most of my recent ones are some of my favorite pictures of all times. *laughs* I am really enjoying watching my photography improve. God has given me such a gift, and He keeps improving on it! (And I don’t mean that in a bragging way, I just want to worship and be SO grateful for it!)

That’s all for now folks!
I have a “secret project” that I’ve been working on, which I just am in love with, but I can’t post it yet because the person who will be receiving it as a gift hasn’t seen it yet either. :P Hopefully I will be finished with it soon, can reveal it to said person, and post it before I get any further into the season.

So, my dear friends… I have had hardly any time for photography for the better part of the Summer. BUT! Now that school has started again, and my Photography classes (and graphics classes, and photo editing classes… etc) have been starting again, I have been able to get some more shots in the past 2 weeks. YAY!
Here’s some of my best ones recently. ENJOY!

Look to the Light
Amish Lantern- We have this on our back porch and I see it almost every day. I just wanted to capture it. :) I think it turned out well.

Out at the Cemetery
A friend, while we were out at a cemetery. She didn’t even know I was shooting. Yet, I think it turned out really nicely.

On the Edge of the Quay
A light house out on the edge of a quay at a tiny Marina town outside of Holland Michigan.

Sunset on the Bean Field.
A sunset over a local bean field. *grins*

Hotel of Darkness
A hotel outside of Holland Michigan. (Not bad for catching it out of a dirty window going down the highway at 75+ miles an hour!) :D

Thanks for looking!
I’ll definitely be posting more VERY soon.

As promised here are some clips of the wedding details of Lydia’s wedding.
Some of them are really cool! She had some pretty colors mixed in, and had made almost everything they used at the wedding herself!

The Rings

Rings and Bouquet

Ring Bearer, Flower Girl Basket and Bouquet

Part of Lydia's bouquet

Bouquet and dress