YAY! I’m as giddy as a little kid! It’s SPRING! I have flowers blooming everywhere! :D

Anyway, today I’m posting a new blog about some things I’ve been shooting recently! *blushes* It’s taken me a while, I know. I’m sorry!
Here’s Stacy! One of my Seniors I’ve done portraits for this Winter/Spring. She’s so adorable. Being a budding photographer herself, she really had some great ideas on how she wanted her pictures.

(Stacy has SUCH a sweet temper and is always grinning or laughing whenever I see her.)

We spent some time before the shoot getting ideas, and throwing other ideas around together. It was so much fun working with her!

When the day of the shoot came up, and she showed up in a HOT pink dress with a gorgeous houndstooth coat, I nearly fell over and started clapping with glee!!! I was a giddy girl!

(Stacy should have been born in the 50’s! She’s so Vintage!!! :D)

Stacy wanted a cute little doorway shot that we could pull off some adorable shots in front of.
We spent an hour going up and down this little town area and I couldn’t find a doorway anywhere.

Right when we were about to give up, we both saw it!!! This adorable little old blue doorway!
I’d been to this town over 100 times in my life and have never noticed this doorway!!! It was perfect!

(It was freezing cold, but Stacy was such a trooper!)

It was like a Vintage fashion shoot, we both had a blast! Despite the freezing cold, numb extremities, and busy traffic, we enjoyed ourselves very much!

(Gotta admit, I’m a twinge jealous. I think I need a blazer like this! :P)

Thanks Stacy for such a great photoshoot! You’re so adorable!!!

Until next time, dear readers…

This week has been fantastic for me! I am the first to admit that I am one of the most blessed girls on earth! I’ve been given the chance to do something I really enjoy as a full-time job, and I’m able to do it with the best of my ability!

Well, this week has been one of those weeks that I’ve just been BOOKED! I’ve either been taking pictures, meeting with clients, or editing all day every day. Don’t get me wrong, I do get tired, but it’s a happy tired. One of those “Ahhhh, I’m so glad I’m doing this instead of being in a cubicle doing something I don’t like and am not very good at” moments. ;)

One of my main focuses this week has been shooting a Senior session with a sweet girl named Linda!
She was such a delight to work with! I enjoyed working with her so much.

Here’s some sneak peeks from her Senior Sessions! (I finished the last one with her this morning)

254/365 - Linda's Senior Pictures!

Linda - Senior 2011

Linda - Senior 2011

256/365 - Linda 2011

More to come!!!
But for now, I’m off to bed. :)
Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Talk about fun, this photoshoot definitely got us messing around and laughing. (Let alone get quite a few odd stares from some passers-by)

I think this one is my favorite!

Wow! Holly is such a lovely young lady to work with. She was so sweet and very easy going. Being in the woods was so natural for her, you’d think she was born in them. :P
She was adventurous and excited to be running through the woods barefoot in a skirt, like she did it every day. *laughs*

Other than the wind, and sometimes the sun (that was shining a little too bright on us), it was an absolutely perfect day to be out and about shooting pictures.






And my personal favorite:
115/365 - Holly on the Bridge

I hope to be working with her again sometime soon! It was so great.

(This was a Portrait Deal “50 Special”. -For details on setting up a photoshoot with me, click on “Photography” in my blog.)

I know, I know… I’m a bit behind. :P I still have more portraits to add to this.
Here are some more of my favorites that I’ve taken in the last week and 1/2.

73/365 - Patiently Waiting
This is called “Patiently Waiting”, ‘Squishy’ was wanting to be outside in the gorgeous sunshine, but it was too muddy for her to be playing. But her older sisters were out on a walk, and she was waiting for her to come back. Too cute to NOT capture. :)

74/365 - "Ohhh Lolli, Lolli, Lolli"
What else do you do when you have a huge lollipop, than take pictures with it? It’s irresistible!!! It makes you feel like a kid again. :P

80/365 - Lost in Dreams
“Lost in Dreams”

82 Better eye edit
This is one of my favorites. It’s called “Silence in the Night”.
It’s a bit more dark than my usual style, but it was fun to work with her in the pitch black of the night.

These two are from a random self-shoot.

It's Almost Spring!!!

Picking the Dead to Make Room for the New

Yes, I WILL be adding more very soon!
Hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will. :)