Bonus points for me! I think I deserve an Oreo! (scratch that, I want 3!)
I made another blog! YAY!

I know I keep making mistakes, start the blog up, keep it going for a few posts… miss a few days and forget about it for a few months until it hits me. I used to be a great blogger a few years ago, but I’m missing something now. I just don’t know what it is.
Any suggestions on how YOU keep up a blog? What keeps you motivated? What content are you inspired to include in each of your blogs?
When you get writer’s block, what do you find yourself blogging about to get yourself out of it?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated! :)

In the mean time… Here’s some more snow pictures from our amazing snow day!

Okay everyone, I must admit, I really don’t like blogging. *blushes* There it is, I admitted it. *looks around* Did the world end? :P

I don’t know why I don’t like it. I just don’t. I don’t think about it often, I’m more of a Facebook update person actually. My mother, however is brilliant at blogging. She really is. She’s an amazing blogger and has been a constant blogger for years. And here I am… struggling to keep just one blog going. *sighs*
Well, here’s the deal. I somehow (read “by GOD’S GRACE”) pulled off a 365 Project, so I’m going to challenge myself with my blog as well.

For a while, I’ll try to catch up my blog with some recent photos!

We had quite a bit of snow today, it was amazingly beautiful. Some of the snowflakes were as big as half dollars! It was amazingly beautiful!

This is Lucy, my baby. ;) She’s 10 years old, and she’s been enjoying the massive snow as much as I have!

And our gorgeous snow….. It looked like a Fairy Wonderland outside!
It was fantastic!

Well, here’s to hoping that I can get a few more blogs in sometime soon! ;)
Many blessings!

W-O-W! Can I just say that BMXers are some of the most daring people I know? ;)

First of all, I must admit, I was not a huge BMX fan until our friend’s son went pro and we could watch him on the Dew Tour on Sundays. Then… slowly, he began to make a fan out of me.
To be fair, I’m still not much of a BMX fan so much as I want to see our friend’s son succeed greatly at what he does best!!! So let’s just say that I’m a Brett fan more than I am a BMX fan. :P

So when I was asked to come to an event full of BMX riders and take pictures for the night, I most heartily agreed to this job!
It was SO much fun! I spent the evening with my friend and got to spend the night watching (and shooting!) these daring bikers pull some amazing stunts!
How can you not enjoy a night full of friends, sports and photography?! ;)

Needless to say… there’s plenty of fun pictures that came of it. :D

Here’s some clips from the night!

277/365 - BMXing with the Pros

Handlebar spin

Seeing the world upside down

(Brett being mobbed by his fan girls, and his mom behind him)

A mom and her baby.

(Brett and his mom, after everyone left and we could walk out into the parking lot without having his “fan club” mob him again)

One happy mum!!!

Ok, so I honestly think that my Flickr Family, fellow photographers, and “Encouragement group” are trying to make me cry this week. :P You guys are the sweetest, most loving, most encouraging people in the world! *HUGS* I love you all more than I can begin to say! ;)

(Adding a quick pic from my 365 today!)

248/365 - Fall is a-comin!

Shooting David and Kimberly’s wedding tomorrow! :D I probably won’t blog tomorrow, but I’ll update you guys later! I have everything prepped, charged, changed, emptied, cleaned and packed for tomorrow. ;)
Have a fantastic weekend!

Hello again everyone!
This week has been most exciting! We’ve been insanely busy, but quite enjoying the things we’ve been doing.
That is usually how the summer goes. Busy, busy, busy, but enjoying every single day of it. Ahhh, am I the only one glad that it’s Spring?! :D
I just enjoy Spring and Summer so much.

Anyway, I’ll shush now and get on with pictures. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words… and with me posting quite a few pictures on here, I highly doubt that you need any more or my rambling words on here. ;) :P

I have a surprise to post too, but I’ll explain that with the bottom picture.

116/365 - Here Comes the Sun (doo doo doo doo)
Some amazingly lovely Apple Blossoms that we’ve had peeking out at me all week long. Aren’t they gorgeous?!

Best friends
This was just TOO much fun to capture. A child’s best friends is their puppy. :)

Bleeding hearts!
I couldn’t help but capture this. The lighting was just too perfect. A friend told me that a lot of my pictures look like they’re capturing “Liquid Light”. I thought that was so sweet of her! I really liked that… Liquid Light.

119/365 - Joy be Nimble! Joy be Quick! (HBM!)
YES! Another fun and successful Bench Monday!
This is called Joy be Nimble! Joy be Quick!
We had a blast doing this.
(Do not worry, no one was injured during the taking of this picture. We’re professionals. ;) :P)

NOW for the wonderful news!!!!
This picture turned out to be a winner! :D It was Explored on Flickr and ranked as #9 out of 500 for that day! I was SO thrilled, it was so amazing, and very very humbling.
So here is the winner, called “*sniff sniff* Don’t leave me!”:
118/365 - *sniff sniff* Don't leave me! {Explored!}

That’s all that I have for you today, folks!
I do have one more group of pictures to post, which I will be publishing today.
I had a great photo shoot with Holly, and the images turned out GREAT! I liked them so much.

Hope you all have a great day, thanks for taking the time to read through my blog!