Now that it’s after Mother’s Day, I can post these! :D

I always enjoy Super-Secret photoshoots! This was a special Mother’s Day present to their mom.
The McFarlands haven’t had their pictures done professionally for over 10 years!!! (I’ll try not to faint or freak out. :P Ack! Ten years!!!)

(The kids giving hugs)

This is Livvy the Youngest

This is Matt the Middle Child

And this is Mandy the oldest

It was really fun trying to set everything up without their mom knowing!
After Mother’s Day, Mandy told me that her mom loved the images, she cried when she opened them and saw her kids faces staring back at her.
As you can guess… that made my week! :)
I always enjoy capturing pictures for people that they love and will cherish forever!

Until next time…
Hope you guys have an awesome day! (It’s too beautiful to stay indoors!)

Here’s a good friend of mine, Chris Erica Davis from Nico Studios!

I have to admit, I WAS a little nervous because I admire her work so much!!! And she’s brilliant when it comes to photography. But she was so down-to-earth and it turned out to be a really fun session to do! :)

Of course we had to do a fun shot like this:

YAY! I’m as giddy as a little kid! It’s SPRING! I have flowers blooming everywhere! :D

Anyway, today I’m posting a new blog about some things I’ve been shooting recently! *blushes* It’s taken me a while, I know. I’m sorry!
Here’s Stacy! One of my Seniors I’ve done portraits for this Winter/Spring. She’s so adorable. Being a budding photographer herself, she really had some great ideas on how she wanted her pictures.

(Stacy has SUCH a sweet temper and is always grinning or laughing whenever I see her.)

We spent some time before the shoot getting ideas, and throwing other ideas around together. It was so much fun working with her!

When the day of the shoot came up, and she showed up in a HOT pink dress with a gorgeous houndstooth coat, I nearly fell over and started clapping with glee!!! I was a giddy girl!

(Stacy should have been born in the 50’s! She’s so Vintage!!! :D)

Stacy wanted a cute little doorway shot that we could pull off some adorable shots in front of.
We spent an hour going up and down this little town area and I couldn’t find a doorway anywhere.

Right when we were about to give up, we both saw it!!! This adorable little old blue doorway!
I’d been to this town over 100 times in my life and have never noticed this doorway!!! It was perfect!

(It was freezing cold, but Stacy was such a trooper!)

It was like a Vintage fashion shoot, we both had a blast! Despite the freezing cold, numb extremities, and busy traffic, we enjoyed ourselves very much!

(Gotta admit, I’m a twinge jealous. I think I need a blazer like this! :P)

Thanks Stacy for such a great photoshoot! You’re so adorable!!!

Until next time, dear readers…

Ever heard of Michael Johnathan’s Woodsongs? (Also known as Woodsongs Old Time Radio Show)
I had heard OF them, but hadn’t been to see them at the time. Then I got asked to come and capture Ted Yoder (National Hammer Dulcimer Champion) playing there while they record it live!

W-O-W! Let me tell you!!! I’m so amazed! It was one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to, an old theater built in the 20’s and 30’s! It was gorgeous!!!

Listening to Ted play, and listening to him play “It Is Well” on his Dulcimer and hearing it echo through out the theater, over hundreds of people filling the theater seats… no one saying a word, silent enough that it sounded like no one even breathed. It was awe-inspiring.

Don’t get me wrong, being behind the stage was rather amazing as well. But the songs that silenced the theater had me near in tears!!! It was so moving, and I literally had goosebumps all over my arm! :)

Thank you SO much Ted and Donna Yoder for having me share such an amazing and beautiful event in your life. I had such a wonderful time with you guys, and with the Woodsongs crew!

Many Blessings!

W-O-W! Can I just say that BMXers are some of the most daring people I know? ;)

First of all, I must admit, I was not a huge BMX fan until our friend’s son went pro and we could watch him on the Dew Tour on Sundays. Then… slowly, he began to make a fan out of me.
To be fair, I’m still not much of a BMX fan so much as I want to see our friend’s son succeed greatly at what he does best!!! So let’s just say that I’m a Brett fan more than I am a BMX fan. :P

So when I was asked to come to an event full of BMX riders and take pictures for the night, I most heartily agreed to this job!
It was SO much fun! I spent the evening with my friend and got to spend the night watching (and shooting!) these daring bikers pull some amazing stunts!
How can you not enjoy a night full of friends, sports and photography?! ;)

Needless to say… there’s plenty of fun pictures that came of it. :D

Here’s some clips from the night!

277/365 - BMXing with the Pros

Handlebar spin

Seeing the world upside down

(Brett being mobbed by his fan girls, and his mom behind him)

A mom and her baby.

(Brett and his mom, after everyone left and we could walk out into the parking lot without having his “fan club” mob him again)

One happy mum!!!