Having been married for 50 years, this couple knows one another VERY well.

I’ve known this couple for almost my entire life, they haven’t seemed like they’ve aged at all since I first met them 20 years ago. <3

This is so sweet to me, seeing them together and still so much in love. They are so much more in love now, 50 years later, than they were in their first years of their marriage. :)

What an encouragement they are to any and all couples! <3 Love you guys dearly.

I’ve had several people ask me for tips and tricks for photography. Professional, hobbiest, or individual with a camera, this is one thing that is VERY important to know!!!
I’m going to try to make this short and simple.

When photographing a subject (anything from a cake, to a building, to a chair, to a person) changing your position may completely change the look of your image!

Here’s an example.

See this picture here?

This is a beautiful little dead flower, it makes you think of deep woods. The photographer must have walked a mile in the woods before they saw this little flower and they were able to capture this cute little sad image, right?
Actually no. This little flower is a dead little garden flower. Surrounded by grass, other dead flowers, and neighbors…

When taking a picture of this great opportunity to tell a story with it.
When you capture it in the wrong position, you lose a great story.

See this picture here?

This is the exact same flower from straight on. I’m eye-level with it shooting it.
It’s still a cute(ish) flower I guess, but really? The neighbor’s house?
A lot of people will tell you “Don’t worry about the background, no one notices it.” I’m sorry to say, but they’re wrong. People really DO notice it. (Especially other photographers. :P *laughs*)

So, you say, how do we change the position with this flower?
Let’s try it from another position, let’s try shooting down a little so we change the background to the grass. (Grass looks great with just about anything, right?)

See this image?

Still the same flower, just a different position.
It’s still bland and boring. The grass is distracting, and the flower just looks skinny, long, and very 2 dimensional.

When you’re dealing with the 2 dimensional/flat look, you definitely want to find another position to add dimension and life to your image.
In this case, let’s try shooting almost straight down.

Now we have this image!

This is a great position because you now have a less distracting background AND great dimension to your image.

Change a few settings, edit the colors a bit… and voila!!!
You end up with this!

And this…

And this!!!

All from the same position!!!

See how a simple change of position makes a world of difference?
I barely moved a foot. My body stayed in the same place, I just moved around to capture it differently.

SO, the next time you’re out shooting something or someone and you are just not liking how it’s turning out. Try changing your position! :)
Even after you’ve found “THE” position, keep changing it up and try a few new angles! You can never find too many different angles.

Happy shooting!

Coming next…
“Auto VS Manual!”
Not a deep explanation on Automatic VS Manual, just some quick and basic examples of the difference between the two.

Decisions, decisions, decisions! SO MANY CHOICES! :D
I now know how some of my clients feel trying to choose which pictures they want to print off the most.

I’m about to print off some of my own images to put up on my walls. I’m especially looking at 8×10 sixes. (I’d LOVE to put up a 11×14, but that means I need to decide yet another one!)

I have to go through all the pictures I’ve taken in the last while and deciding what I specifically want on my wall. *sighs*
Do I print off pictures of my family? Do I print off flowers? Do I print off pictures for the color? Or for their simplicity?
SOOOOO many choices!

So, I guess I’ll let you guys vote! PLEASE help me decide!
Which pictures should I post? Please vote for your top 5 (or so) favorites!





























I know, I know… so many choices. (See what I mean?!) I can’t decide on my own! I at least brought it down to (what I THINK is) my top 28! ;)

So… Any help would be much appreciated! :D :D :D

Thanks all! You’re a sanity saver! ;)

Here’s a good friend of mine, Chris Erica Davis from Nico Studios!

I have to admit, I WAS a little nervous because I admire her work so much!!! And she’s brilliant when it comes to photography. But she was so down-to-earth and it turned out to be a really fun session to do! :)

Of course we had to do a fun shot like this:

YAY! I’m as giddy as a little kid! It’s SPRING! I have flowers blooming everywhere! :D

Anyway, today I’m posting a new blog about some things I’ve been shooting recently! *blushes* It’s taken me a while, I know. I’m sorry!
Here’s Stacy! One of my Seniors I’ve done portraits for this Winter/Spring. She’s so adorable. Being a budding photographer herself, she really had some great ideas on how she wanted her pictures.

(Stacy has SUCH a sweet temper and is always grinning or laughing whenever I see her.)

We spent some time before the shoot getting ideas, and throwing other ideas around together. It was so much fun working with her!

When the day of the shoot came up, and she showed up in a HOT pink dress with a gorgeous houndstooth coat, I nearly fell over and started clapping with glee!!! I was a giddy girl!

(Stacy should have been born in the 50’s! She’s so Vintage!!! :D)

Stacy wanted a cute little doorway shot that we could pull off some adorable shots in front of.
We spent an hour going up and down this little town area and I couldn’t find a doorway anywhere.

Right when we were about to give up, we both saw it!!! This adorable little old blue doorway!
I’d been to this town over 100 times in my life and have never noticed this doorway!!! It was perfect!

(It was freezing cold, but Stacy was such a trooper!)

It was like a Vintage fashion shoot, we both had a blast! Despite the freezing cold, numb extremities, and busy traffic, we enjoyed ourselves very much!

(Gotta admit, I’m a twinge jealous. I think I need a blazer like this! :P)

Thanks Stacy for such a great photoshoot! You’re so adorable!!!

Until next time, dear readers…