Danica Clark Photography proudly announces the addition of a NEW baby to their “family”!

Name: LumoPro LP160
Arrival: 11:42AM, March 10th, 2011
Weight: 12.8oz
Height: 7.5″

New Baby

This new baby will be treasured and well taken care of for the rest of it’s life!
Please join us in our excitement and celebration of our new little arrival!

ACK!!! It’s coming!!! It’s getting closer… LOOK OUT!!! IT’S TAX TIME!!! *hyperventilates*

Yes, it’s come to be that time, doing your taxes.
Thankfully I was brought up right and did keep track of just about every last nickle I spent. (I’m off by about $1.48 that I can’t figure out where it went. I figure I’ll be okay if that’s all I’ve lost track of. :P)

So, in case you’re wondering “where on earth has that girl gone off to?” you’ll know.
I’m stuck seeing nothing but this:

Most people’s night mare.

If you promise not to tell anyone I will admit to you that I don’t actually mind doing my budgeting. I like exercising my memory on exactly what I spent on exactly what day, and arranging every receipt accordingly. :P Plus, it helps me keep from spending extravagantly on a new camera bag when I see just how fast money goes out the door. *eep* (Hey, something needs to keep a girl’s feet on the ground when it comes to a CUTE new camera bag! :P)

I’ll be in and out over the next week or so I have a lot of of meetings and photoshoots on top of taxes this week. Please don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, because I haven’t!
I’m just needing to catch up on my sleep. ;)


I’ll resurface later, hoping to see everyone soon! :)
Have a wonderful week, I hope it’s a lot more exciting than doing taxes. *laughs*

Hey everyone, I’m SO sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I forgot to mention that I was leaving for a while.

It’s been one intense past 2 weeks! Wow! When God moves, He moves, and the earth bows down before Him and quakes in His presence… and things like Facebook and Blogging get put aside. :P

Anyway, here’s one of the places that I’ve been in the past few weeks. I stayed with these sweet girls while their daddy went off to go win the National Hammered Dulcimer Championship! (Praise God!!!)

This is Lyssa:

267/365 - "Can I Pick it?"

Leaha the oldest:


Miss Lindy:


And of course, we can’t forget Sammy, The doggedly loyal:


To end this post, here’s a sweet picture of the girls out on the trail with me:

"Wait for me!!!"

I have tons more pictures to post, I’ll add more soon!
Have a great day,

Right now I’ve been considering new ideas for the website.
Any suggestions?
I’m thinking about splitting it up into two separate pieces. Wedding pics, and Family/Maternity/Senior pictures.
I have someone working on the logos with me right now. :D And we’ll see about the website designs soon!
I’m thinking white for the family, blacks for the weddings. :)

Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?

Have an awesome day everyone!
(leaving you with a picture from my 365 shoot yesterday)

Close-up! (For 252/365)

This week has been insanely busy. I’m so sorry I’m behind!
I have so many things that I wanted to shoot this last week, but the weather and time has not been so kind to me. :-? (Kiddos have been sick, and work HAS to be done! I’m sure you all know how that is)

Next week is supposed to be much warmer, and I’m hoping to get some GREAT portraits! :D I also have a huge group-photo-shoot, where we shoot both some models and the other photographers. We have 2 huge warehouses with lofts, and a large old and empty furniture store to set up and shoot in. I don’t know where I’ll start first! But I have a feeling I may try shooting everywhere!
:P I’m very excited! I love all my dear local photographers who have graciously taken me under their “wing” and have encouraged me to better my photo-taking.
Yes, I’m very excited!!!!

Alright, now for a few good shots from this week:

87/365 - Heather
Miss Heather- An old friend of mine.
I really liked her eyes in this, up against the dark brick wall.

88/365 - Enraptures of a Child
The famous Squishy, out playing in the park. :)

92/365 - Green Tea Garden
Green Tea Garden. :)
I thought it was a fun change to the normal crocus shots.

Another quick crocus shot, this one was WAY too bright, but I was able to save it in Lightroom. (Of which I am so thankful for!)

93/365 - Geocaching
Geocaching with some friends… and family. :)

95/365 - Daffodils in the Sun
Enjoying Daffodils in the sun.

97/365 - A Cold Rainy Day
And “A Cold Rainy Day”
This one turned out decent, despite the lack of color that I normally like to add to my pictures. :)
I can do decently dark as well.

Now, I’m off to go spend a bit of family time with my most beloved people on earth. (And then have work to do afterwards. *sighs*)

Hope you all have a LOVELY day!