I think… I’m coming back up to the surface! *gasps and pants for air*
I’m not sure, but I think I am back.
I’m sorry for disappearing on you all like that. It’s been a busy, BUSY past 2 weeks, and I’ve been lost in work!

I’ve been hither, thither and yon within the last few weeks. (Well, not quite, but close. :P)

Just got back from Kentucky, and am processing a ton more pics. Will be posting some soon, just wanted to let you know I’m not purposefully ignoring you! ;)

Have a GREAT day ya’ll!

Danica Clark Photography proudly announces the addition of a NEW baby to their “family”!

Name: LumoPro LP160
Arrival: 11:42AM, March 10th, 2011
Weight: 12.8oz
Height: 7.5″

New Baby

This new baby will be treasured and well taken care of for the rest of it’s life!
Please join us in our excitement and celebration of our new little arrival!

A little over a Year ago I acquired my first DSLR and thought it would be the thing to take me that leap from being a good photographer (who has a wonderful time taking pictures) to a great photographer (who can take wonderful pictures at any time).

We’d all be shooting like the pros if we had expensive equipment, right?! Anyone can be a good photographer when they have a $2500 camera hanging around their neck with a $1200 lens attached to it, right?

Oh, little did I know…
After just a short year of hard work, amazing encouragement and help from other photographers, constructive criticism, and lots of studying, I now understand what it takes to be truly great.

I’m hoping that someday soon, with even more hard work, encouragement, help and criticism from some of the most amazing photographers I know, and even more study, I hope that I too can become what it takes to be a truly great photographer.

So, what makes a good photographer great?
In my opinion it’s a combination of these factors:
It sounds simple enough, but wow, does a photographer have to be on their toes and constantly exercising their creativity in creating good images as well as capturing them.
A Skilled Eye.
It’s something you can learn and it takes a lot of training to truly be attentive to the mundane.
Every photo reflects the character of the photographer, how a picture looks says a lot about that photographer. To have truly great pictures takes good character.
- Personality.
Let’s be honest, who wants to hire a photographer for their family portraitss who is like the Walmart Studio guy? A truly good photographer has enough personality and is engaging enough to help anyone feel comfortable in front of the lens. Having your portraits done shouldn’t be as bad as going to the dentist. ;)
The great photographers are ones who are constantly investing in their skill and knowledge about their profession. One who is always growing and learning will never be disappointed in their abilities.
(Yes, it’s a word.) The willingness to deal with the unknown and work well in/with it is truly admirable in any photographer. That is when some of your best pictures will be captured.
Even the crème de la crème must be humble. It takes great courage to be humble in front of other photographers and know when to take criticism well. Humility is key in taking that step from being good to great.

No, I did not include “Thousands of Dollars Worth of Equipment”, or “Being Brave Enough to Stand in Front of an On-coming Bus” or “Amazing Business Sense”, or “Know All the Right People”, or “Work with Movie Stars!” Though all of those are fun and are sometimes helpful… they are not necessarily key to being great.

I have to admit, these are things I have learned from working with some truly great photographers.
I have been so wonderfully blessed by so many other photographers across the world who have taken the time to invest in my learning experience as a photographer.
I want to be half as much as an encouragement to someone else as they have been to me, and I also want to honor their investment in me by aspiring to be a truly great photographer.

On the road… not quite getting there, but hope to someday soon. ;)

Up next is Part II! If you’re an aspiring photographer, you probably don’t want to miss it. I will be putting up my encouragement and thoughts on what specifically do to take those first steps of becoming a great photographer!!! :D

Many blessings on each and every one of you!
Until next time,

Me in the Mirror
In Schaumberg last November for Bible Bee Nationals. Taking pics of our hotel room, and capturing myself in the ever-cliched mirror shot. ;)

ACK!!! It’s coming!!! It’s getting closer… LOOK OUT!!! IT’S TAX TIME!!! *hyperventilates*

Yes, it’s come to be that time, doing your taxes.
Thankfully I was brought up right and did keep track of just about every last nickle I spent. (I’m off by about $1.48 that I can’t figure out where it went. I figure I’ll be okay if that’s all I’ve lost track of. :P)

So, in case you’re wondering “where on earth has that girl gone off to?” you’ll know.
I’m stuck seeing nothing but this:

Most people’s night mare.

If you promise not to tell anyone I will admit to you that I don’t actually mind doing my budgeting. I like exercising my memory on exactly what I spent on exactly what day, and arranging every receipt accordingly. :P Plus, it helps me keep from spending extravagantly on a new camera bag when I see just how fast money goes out the door. *eep* (Hey, something needs to keep a girl’s feet on the ground when it comes to a CUTE new camera bag! :P)

I’ll be in and out over the next week or so I have a lot of of meetings and photoshoots on top of taxes this week. Please don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, because I haven’t!
I’m just needing to catch up on my sleep. ;)


I’ll resurface later, hoping to see everyone soon! :)
Have a wonderful week, I hope it’s a lot more exciting than doing taxes. *laughs*

Everyone has random days that has a special title for their Flickr pictures, or Twitter, posting videos, and their blogs.
Today I figured I might as well do my own, right? :D
So I came up with Frivolous Fact Friday. Each Friday I will try to post a new Frivolous Fact, either about me or about something else.

Today my Frivolous Fact Friday is about Football.

Yes, that’s right… Football. I know, I know. I’m a girl, why do I even know how to spell “football” let alone care for it?
Well, quite honestly, because I was raised to have a fine taste in Sports. *nods to her parents for her proper upbringing*

Playing Football
(Playing Football with some friends in 12 degrees in the middle of the night)

I can remember being really small, eating popcorn, watching John Elway passing rocket balls off to Terrell Davis.

I can also distinctly remember the Packers vs Patriots Superbowl in the 1996 season. (Superbowl XXXI) We had friends over, and their dad had the massive popcorn bowl on his lap when Desmond Howard ran the amazing 99 yard kickoff return. Bit of a mistake.
I’m sure your imagination can fill in what happened after that. After lots of jumping up and down, whooping and hollering, and screaming like crazed fans, we spent the next half hour trying to clean up all the popcorn.
We were still finding popcorn in strange places over the next 3 weeks.

(My 365 photo for Superbowl Sunday. My Colts! :D)

We’re huge football people here! As Indiana is and has always been my home state, I bleed blue and white. (GO COLTS!)
Ever since Manning was a Rookie in 1998, being drafted to the Colts, I had been a huge fan of his. Gotta love a good combination of both brains and talent in a humble player. :)
And yes, I will be one of the first to admit, I was so disappointed when I heard the news that Tony Dungy decided he was retiring. *sighs* Best coach of all time.

Some day, I will meet Peyton and Tony. I’m sure of it.
I’m almost dead sure I saw Peyton Manning in California once. I had flown out to California for a business conference in 2008 when I saw a slick black car pull up to pick up a guy in a Colt’s polo (*squee*) who was trying to avoid eyes, but people were asking him for autographs anyway. He looked almost exactly like Peyton manning… from 30 feet away at least.
I could be wrong, but I’d like to live in my delusions of actually having seen him in real life, instead of having my dreams cruelly dashed against a rock. :P

Peyton Manning
(Trying to mimic Peyton Manning’s expression on the Wheaties box)

What made me think about this today? I’m glad you asked! Today my dad bought me a Wheaties box just because it had Peyton Manning’s face on it. :) Need I say “Best… Dad… Ever!”? :P

Enough crazy rambling about Frivolous Facts, I’ll shut up now. I’m off to go watch the movie Invincible as I go through Football Season Withdrawal as I always do the end of February.

Have a great week everyone!!! :D
Until next Frivolous Fact Friday!