Now that it’s after Mother’s Day, I can post these! :D

I always enjoy Super-Secret photoshoots! This was a special Mother’s Day present to their mom.
The McFarlands haven’t had their pictures done professionally for over 10 years!!! (I’ll try not to faint or freak out. :P Ack! Ten years!!!)

(The kids giving hugs)

This is Livvy the Youngest

This is Matt the Middle Child

And this is Mandy the oldest

It was really fun trying to set everything up without their mom knowing!
After Mother’s Day, Mandy told me that her mom loved the images, she cried when she opened them and saw her kids faces staring back at her.
As you can guess… that made my week! :)
I always enjoy capturing pictures for people that they love and will cherish forever!

Until next time…
Hope you guys have an awesome day! (It’s too beautiful to stay indoors!)

Today was so much fun! I did something I’ve never done before! I captured pictures for a musician’s new album coming out.

I had a photoshoot session with one of the most amazing musicians I have ever met. (To clarify, I have met a decent share of musicians, and most of them were sweet. But I think that Ted takes the cake on this one!)
He has such a natural talent with nearly any instrument, but he especially has a unique talent with a Hammer Dulcimer, I truly have never seen anyone play like he does!
The shoot was such a blast, we spent time with the whole Yoder family.

Ted enjoys playing music, but he enjoys playing with his kids even more! His family is one of the biggest priorities in his life. (Second only to His creator!)
So we wanted to capture that in his shoot as well.

Here’s some of the pictures from today’s shoot:

Ted Yoder - Music from Walnut Valley Album

(The album cover)

250/365 - Ted Yoder - Music from Walnut Valley Album

Ted Yoder - Music from Walnut Valley Album

Ted Yoder - Music from Walnut Valley Album

Ted Yoder - Music from Walnut Valley Album

Ted Yoder - Music from Walnut Valley Album

Ted Yoder - Music from Walnut Valley Album

The new album is called Songs from Walnut Valley, and it’s being released next month! :D
I’m not kidding when I say “YES GO BUY IT!” :P Listen to his samples on his website, and enjoy!
Even though I haven’t told him this yet, I’m going to just admit it out to the whole world right here, and right now.
When I’m working on editing pictures, I like to have some music playing in the background as a steady beat to work to. His website is one of the places that I go for some calm, relaxing, but good working songs. ;)
So there… I admitted it, it’s out. :P
*whew* I feel better now. ;)

(Quick note, completely unrelated: Before I went to do Ted’s pictures, I spent the morning at a circus! I took my little siblings down to watch them use elephants to set up the main circus tents! WOW! How fun! :D It wasn’t entirely worth sitting around an hour to see, but it was memorable nonetheless.)

To make it easier for me to remember, and to ensure that I post more often, I’m going to try to be posting several of my 365 favorites of that week. It may be all 7 of them, or it may just be 2. Depends on the week, and depends on how busy I’ve been. (When I’m extremely busy, I don’t always have time to get a really good 365 picture. :-?)

But, to cut to the chase… I hope you all had an AMAZING Easter weekend, I know we did! It was very family-focused, and we got a LOT of Spring Cleaning done.

Here’s some of my favorite 365 pictures from this week:

98/365 - Late Night
This was from Monday night. It was down to 10:45 and I didn’t have a picture yet. EEK!
We’d all been sick, and I felt crummy enough that I didn’t want to go track down a nice picture.
But, surprisingly enough, for a last-minute picture, this turned out really well.
I used 3 goose-neck lamps for the lighting in a dark room.

99/365 - Now in Technicolor!
Had a tough sick-day, needed a LOT of color! This brightened my mood. :)

101/365 - Sissies at the Park
Spent the whole day at the park and the beach and enjoyed some much needed family time. :D
Yes, we had sniffing noses, and sore throats, but it did us an amazing amount of good, and was SUCH a blessing!

102/365 - The Sweet Scent of Spring
Due to Flickr being white, I couldn’t post this as light as I wanted. You lost so much detail on a white background. I’ve had to change my Lightroom background setting to white to have a good comparison. Otherwise my photos that look great on a darker background don’t have the effect I want on Flickr.

Cherry blossoms!!!
No, these aren’t exactly part of my 365 – I did Easter Eggs today instead.
But they finally blossomed today! This morning it turned out to be an amazing surprise to see them all in bloom! :D
I’m threatening to do a full week of 365 cherry blossom pictures. :P *laughs*
It’s lovely, I wish I could capture it all on camera.

They BLOOMED!!!!

More blossoms. :)

I liked both the color, and the heavy monotone. :)

Hope you guys enjoy!
Until next time…

Yes!!! I can now reveal our secret project that we had been working on, and keeping under our hats for a while.

This is was so much fun! Mum has been asking for a family photo for a while, but we had never really been able to get one. Things have always been too busy, or the kids just don’t feel good, or we couldn’t get a good day to go out and get pics.
But finally, mum and dad had a whole-day trip to Chicago and we took the whole day off to go get fall pictures for the living room of us kids.

This is what came of it!

All the kids
This took a bit to get everyone to work together and smile at the exact same moment, and not blink, and to be in a good position.
But we finally caught one, and it turned out beautifully!

On top of a picture of all the kids, we wanted to get a composition of 3 pictures to create a set.
We had about a dozen different pictures to play with, but these turned out to be perfect for each other.

Neesh and Jeff
This picture actually wasn’t posed. They were playing around after the group picture, and I just turned around and told them to smile. It made it more natural, and a lot more fun.

Kid Pile!
The girls had a great time with this. They were all laughing and being silly, and the baby was trying to jump on top. She thought that was great fun!

DJ and Squish
The baby and I. My sis was telling me that I needed to be in one, so she grabbed my camera and snapped one of Squish and myself. ;)
It didn’t turn out horribly, but I had to flip it to fit into the set well.

Picture Frame
This is the set, and as you can see they fit VERY well together.
We put it in a sharp black frame, and it really brought out the muted colors well.
The colors match the library/office walls perfectly!

To say the least, mum was thrilled and VERY surprised! I was so proud of the kids, after we hid all evidence of the picture taking, they all held tight to that secret. Even the baby (and she blabs everything). I was just SO proud of them!
So that’s our Secret Project Revealed. ;) Hope you all enjoyed it!
Have a wonderful week,