I know, I know, I didn’t get this out last night. But yesterday was chaotic!!!
You know those days when you don’t sleep well all night until early morning, then you sleep past your alarm, and when you finally get up you remember you have a massive list of things to do, you have a business colleague have problems you try to help them and spend all morning doing that, then one of your client sessions goes longer than it should and you’re now late for another meeting, in the middle of having the next business meeting your neighbors are openly doing something very illegal in their front yard and you now have the cops crawling all over your neighborhood, now you have to talk to the Chief of Police about your neighbors, and in the middle of meeting the repair guy who you called 3 weeks ago randomly decides to show up on your doorstep, and you remember that in the chaos of all of this you didn’t get to clean the house… and oh yeah, it’s only 2PM. Great… Send me back to bed, please!!
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Is your mom really awesome?
Yeah, mine is pretty amazing too. ;) (Of course, the fact that she’s had 7 kids, runs a great house, makes some awesome meals, and still has one of the sharpest sense of humor that I know doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of how amazing she is.)

Well, if your mom is pretty amazing, I bet you’d like to have a chance to give something back to her to bless her with. (Hey, you’d better agree with me on this, you never know when your mom could be watching you! :P Mom’s have a way of showing up at random times, and knowing exactly what you’re thinking.)
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