I know, I know, I didn’t get this out last night. But yesterday was chaotic!!!
You know those days when you don’t sleep well all night until early morning, then you sleep past your alarm, and when you finally get up you remember you have a massive list of things to do, you have a business colleague have problems you try to help them and spend all morning doing that, then one of your client sessions goes longer than it should and you’re now late for another meeting, in the middle of having the next business meeting your neighbors are openly doing something very illegal in their front yard and you now have the cops crawling all over your neighborhood, now you have to talk to the Chief of Police about your neighbors, and in the middle of meeting the repair guy who you called 3 weeks ago randomly decides to show up on your doorstep, and you remember that in the chaos of all of this you didn’t get to clean the house… and oh yeah, it’s only 2PM. Great… Send me back to bed, please!!
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Is your mom really awesome?
Yeah, mine is pretty amazing too. ;) (Of course, the fact that she’s had 7 kids, runs a great house, makes some awesome meals, and still has one of the sharpest sense of humor that I know doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of how amazing she is.)

Well, if your mom is pretty amazing, I bet you’d like to have a chance to give something back to her to bless her with. (Hey, you’d better agree with me on this, you never know when your mom could be watching you! :P Mom’s have a way of showing up at random times, and knowing exactly what you’re thinking.)
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Here’s a good friend of mine, Chris Erica Davis from Nico Studios!

I have to admit, I WAS a little nervous because I admire her work so much!!! And she’s brilliant when it comes to photography. But she was so down-to-earth and it turned out to be a really fun session to do! :)

Of course we had to do a fun shot like this:

YAY! I’m as giddy as a little kid! It’s SPRING! I have flowers blooming everywhere! :D

Anyway, today I’m posting a new blog about some things I’ve been shooting recently! *blushes* It’s taken me a while, I know. I’m sorry!
Here’s Stacy! One of my Seniors I’ve done portraits for this Winter/Spring. She’s so adorable. Being a budding photographer herself, she really had some great ideas on how she wanted her pictures.

(Stacy has SUCH a sweet temper and is always grinning or laughing whenever I see her.)

We spent some time before the shoot getting ideas, and throwing other ideas around together. It was so much fun working with her!

When the day of the shoot came up, and she showed up in a HOT pink dress with a gorgeous houndstooth coat, I nearly fell over and started clapping with glee!!! I was a giddy girl!

(Stacy should have been born in the 50’s! She’s so Vintage!!! :D)

Stacy wanted a cute little doorway shot that we could pull off some adorable shots in front of.
We spent an hour going up and down this little town area and I couldn’t find a doorway anywhere.

Right when we were about to give up, we both saw it!!! This adorable little old blue doorway!
I’d been to this town over 100 times in my life and have never noticed this doorway!!! It was perfect!

(It was freezing cold, but Stacy was such a trooper!)

It was like a Vintage fashion shoot, we both had a blast! Despite the freezing cold, numb extremities, and busy traffic, we enjoyed ourselves very much!

(Gotta admit, I’m a twinge jealous. I think I need a blazer like this! :P)

Thanks Stacy for such a great photoshoot! You’re so adorable!!!

Until next time, dear readers…

Alright! Now to this week!
Again, I’m sorry that I didn’t get last week’s up before now.
Update: Well, we’re all much better. Those horribly nasty and brutal colds are gone, and life is back to it’s normal busy pace. :) Praise God!

The other day I was out with a local fellow photog who has built up a thriving wedding photography business, and just spent time with her getting to know her and talking photography. As I’m finishing my last/senior year of University I’m wanting to be able to fully dive headlong into photography and she gave me some amazing tips on how to get my business really going. It was really encouraging, she is just brilliant when it comes to photography and business.
It was really odd to think that she’s just 2 years older than me!

But enough about me, here’s this week’s 365 pictures!

112/365 - Little Jane Horner (HBM!!!!)
Another Bench Monday. This week’s theme was “Little Jane Horner who sat in a corner”.
I liked the colors. :)

113/365 - A New Moon?
:P Can you guess what this is?
*laughs* Most girls can, most guys have absolutely no clue.
I saw this lovely tulip, tried to shoot it on black and thought it reminded me of the New Moon cover, so naturally, I had to capture a New Moon remake shot.

114/365 - Light Through the Petals
Amazing magnolia tree that I caught while out on a walk.
How can one resist such a lovely looking tree?
Thankfully, I caught it just in time. The very next day I walked by the same tree and most of the petals are on the ground.

Captured on our walk
As lovely as these flowers are, I would never want one in my back yard. They stink to high heaven! I was grateful to shoot them quickly and walk away. :P

Captured on our walk-
Another tulip, they’re finally in season! I’m so grateful that they’re growing all around us again.
This one was just too pretty to not shoot. ;)

Today I had a photo shoot of Holly, but I’m still editing those. It’s only 10:45 and I’m already exhausted, so I won’t be doing any more editing tonight.
I’ll try to post the final edits as soon as I’m done. Hopefully that’ll be tomorrow.

Also- I’m going to be giving my website and blog a new look! (FINALLY!) That may take a few weeks, so please be patient with me, dear friends.
I’ll be giving away some special photo shoots, and some really good discounts on shoots in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out for them!
You can keep in touch with me here: Danica Clark Photography Fan Page on Facebook

Have a fantastically blessed day everyone!
Through Him,