I keep trying, but failing…

I keep trying to blog, but keep failing. Why? Honestly… because I don’t think this is a place I can be myself. I love people. Plain and simple.
I love talking to people. Being with people. Meeting people. And watching people. (In a non-stalkerish way. :P)
Communicating with people is part of who I am. I enjoy the one-on-one connection. I enjoy watching how someone responds to my words. I enjoy making them laugh at my stories, and laughing at theirs. A blog, for me, feels like an empty room. When I talk all I hear is an echo of my own voice, and no one to talk to. All I see are empty walls and no faces to watch emotions on.
I don’t even know if anyone ever reads what I have to say, or if anyone cares. (Don’t get me wrong, I know a few people read it, ones whom I love and who love me enough to suffer through my ramblings. ;) Which I appreciate, you guys! Thank you!)
But I don’t have that one-on-one connection with people that I enjoy so much. -Facebook usually is where I go for that kind of connection.

But part of me says to just quit trying to have connection with an empty blog and just start being me, talking to this blog like I would my closest friend. (Or in my case, family member!)

So dear blog-world, I think that is exactly what I will start doing… talking to you like you were a close friend. If you read it, that’s great! I’d love to hear from you. If not, that’s okay too! ;)

In other words prepare for a full on, ME!
I have a lot of things I had wanted to write about but I didn’t know if I’d bore you or not. But now I think I’ll just start writing and if you read through them, you can let me know what you enjoy reading and what you don’t. :)

Thanks guys for sticking it through with me!
I appreciate it more than you know! :)

Have a great weekend,
~Danica (Who is wondering if photography info, photography tips, craft ideas, a “my life” post, or another post of pictures should be next…)

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