Mother’s Day Give-Away!

Is your mom really awesome?
Yeah, mine is pretty amazing too. ;) (Of course, the fact that she’s had 7 kids, runs a great house, makes some awesome meals, and still has one of the sharpest sense of humor that I know doesn’t even begin to touch the surface of how amazing she is.)

Well, if your mom is pretty amazing, I bet you’d like to have a chance to give something back to her to bless her with. (Hey, you’d better agree with me on this, you never know when your mom could be watching you! :P Mom’s have a way of showing up at random times, and knowing exactly what you’re thinking.)

Today, I’m announcing that I’ll be giving away a Mother’s Day mini-family photo session!!! You can send in your submission by posting on this blog, or by posting on my Facebook Fan page!

Here’s the rules:

1- You must live in the Michiana area. (South-West Michigan and Northern Indiana)
2- You must be 18 years or older to submit it (or you can have your dad be willing to sign off on it, if you’re under 18 and want to have this as a special surprise to your mom!)
3- You must write in under 150 words, why your mom is awesome.

The contest is open from today May 3rd, until Monday May 9th at midnight EST.
I will be announcing the winner Monday Night!!!

So be thinking about how cool/awesome your mom is and share it with the rest of us! ;)

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day everyone!

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