McFarland’s Kid’s Pics – Mother’s Day Present

Now that it’s after Mother’s Day, I can post these! :D

I always enjoy Super-Secret photoshoots! This was a special Mother’s Day present to their mom.
The McFarlands haven’t had their pictures done professionally for over 10 years!!! (I’ll try not to faint or freak out. :P Ack! Ten years!!!)

(The kids giving hugs)

This is Livvy the Youngest

This is Matt the Middle Child

And this is Mandy the oldest

It was really fun trying to set everything up without their mom knowing!
After Mother’s Day, Mandy told me that her mom loved the images, she cried when she opened them and saw her kids faces staring back at her.
As you can guess… that made my week! :)
I always enjoy capturing pictures for people that they love and will cherish forever!

Until next time…
Hope you guys have an awesome day! (It’s too beautiful to stay indoors!)

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