A Quick Pop Does Wonders

Okay, not going to admit that I’m an expert at this. Just showing some of my first steps with my new “baby”.
I don’t have my rechargeable batteries or my wireless triggers and receivers yet, so the things I REALLY want to shoot with flash I can’t do quite yet. :P
Should arrive early this week. (YAY!)

Anyway, today I was testing out my new Macro Filters!

Macro Filters
(My new Macro filters!)

I walked around the house testing my new babies on just about anything that caught my eye with a “OoOoo! I should capture that!” (Only other photogs would know what I mean. I’m not crazy, I promise, it’s normal.)
I found this gorgeous little baby and put her in front of the window to catch the late-evening sunlight through her petals.

(SOOC – Exposure: 1/100th, Aperture: f/2.8, Focal: 35mm, ISO: 200)

One serious problem with this, the background lighting is pretty, and it lights up the back of the petals well, but the front of the flower is too dark.
Well what do you know?! I did just get a new flash you know! :D

I grabbed my new “baby” (LumoPro LP160) and mounted it onto my camera. I cranked it down to the lowest setting 1/64th, angled it to about a 60-degree angle and bounced the light off the white window frame.

(SOOC – Exposure: 1/100th, Aperture: f/2.8, Focal: 35mm, ISO: 200)
I didn’t change any settings to just test it.
It’s too bright here. Way too bright. I start playing with the settings, I bring up the aperture quite a bit (to bring out farther detail in the flower) and the exposure (to make it ever so slightly darker).

It brings out this image.

(SOOC – Exposure: 1/125, Aperture: f/3.5, Focal: 35 mm, ISO: 200)
This is a lot closer to what I had wanted in the first place. A very soft brightened flower, and a lighter background. Blowing nothing out and soft lighting all around.

I threw it into Lightroom and brought out the colors a bit, fixed the white balance to a warmer tone, and lightened the exposure just a smidgen. ;)

To a full image of…

Anyway, the whole reason of my putting that up is… “A quick pop truly does wonders” :)
I’m encouraged a bit, will be shooting a lot more with the flash as soon as I get my trigger and receiver! :D OCF all the way! It’s the beginning of my whole journey as a strobist! :)

Blessings all!

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