Frivolous Fact Friday – Football

Everyone has random days that has a special title for their Flickr pictures, or Twitter, posting videos, and their blogs.
Today I figured I might as well do my own, right? :D
So I came up with Frivolous Fact Friday. Each Friday I will try to post a new Frivolous Fact, either about me or about something else.

Today my Frivolous Fact Friday is about Football.

Yes, that’s right… Football. I know, I know. I’m a girl, why do I even know how to spell “football” let alone care for it?
Well, quite honestly, because I was raised to have a fine taste in Sports. *nods to her parents for her proper upbringing*

Playing Football
(Playing Football with some friends in 12 degrees in the middle of the night)

I can remember being really small, eating popcorn, watching John Elway passing rocket balls off to Terrell Davis.

I can also distinctly remember the Packers vs Patriots Superbowl in the 1996 season. (Superbowl XXXI) We had friends over, and their dad had the massive popcorn bowl on his lap when Desmond Howard ran the amazing 99 yard kickoff return. Bit of a mistake.
I’m sure your imagination can fill in what happened after that. After lots of jumping up and down, whooping and hollering, and screaming like crazed fans, we spent the next half hour trying to clean up all the popcorn.
We were still finding popcorn in strange places over the next 3 weeks.

(My 365 photo for Superbowl Sunday. My Colts! :D)

We’re huge football people here! As Indiana is and has always been my home state, I bleed blue and white. (GO COLTS!)
Ever since Manning was a Rookie in 1998, being drafted to the Colts, I had been a huge fan of his. Gotta love a good combination of both brains and talent in a humble player. :)
And yes, I will be one of the first to admit, I was so disappointed when I heard the news that Tony Dungy decided he was retiring. *sighs* Best coach of all time.

Some day, I will meet Peyton and Tony. I’m sure of it.
I’m almost dead sure I saw Peyton Manning in California once. I had flown out to California for a business conference in 2008 when I saw a slick black car pull up to pick up a guy in a Colt’s polo (*squee*) who was trying to avoid eyes, but people were asking him for autographs anyway. He looked almost exactly like Peyton manning… from 30 feet away at least.
I could be wrong, but I’d like to live in my delusions of actually having seen him in real life, instead of having my dreams cruelly dashed against a rock. :P

Peyton Manning
(Trying to mimic Peyton Manning’s expression on the Wheaties box)

What made me think about this today? I’m glad you asked! Today my dad bought me a Wheaties box just because it had Peyton Manning’s face on it. :) Need I say “Best… Dad… Ever!”? :P

Enough crazy rambling about Frivolous Facts, I’ll shut up now. I’m off to go watch the movie Invincible as I go through Football Season Withdrawal as I always do the end of February.

Have a great week everyone!!! :D
Until next Frivolous Fact Friday!

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