A Night With the Pros-

W-O-W! Can I just say that BMXers are some of the most daring people I know? ;)

First of all, I must admit, I was not a huge BMX fan until our friend’s son went pro and we could watch him on the Dew Tour on Sundays. Then… slowly, he began to make a fan out of me.
To be fair, I’m still not much of a BMX fan so much as I want to see our friend’s son succeed greatly at what he does best!!! So let’s just say that I’m a Brett fan more than I am a BMX fan. :P

So when I was asked to come to an event full of BMX riders and take pictures for the night, I most heartily agreed to this job!
It was SO much fun! I spent the evening with my friend and got to spend the night watching (and shooting!) these daring bikers pull some amazing stunts!
How can you not enjoy a night full of friends, sports and photography?! ;)

Needless to say… there’s plenty of fun pictures that came of it. :D

Here’s some clips from the night!

277/365 - BMXing with the Pros

Handlebar spin

Seeing the world upside down

(Brett being mobbed by his fan girls, and his mom behind him)

A mom and her baby.

(Brett and his mom, after everyone left and we could walk out into the parking lot without having his “fan club” mob him again)

One happy mum!!!

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