Elbia & Chris – Engagement Session

This week I had an engagement portrait session with a couple whose wedding I’m doing in a few weeks.

Over a month ago a childhood friend called me and told me that a co-worker and dear friend of hers saw my pictures I shot for her (my childhood friend) and LOVED them! She wanted me to do her wedding that was coming up this October.
I told her, I didn’t really do weddings and didn’t plan on doing them any time soon, but I could help her friend find other local wedding photographers in the area. She told me to think about it and get back to her.
Little did I know that God would be doing something bigger in my life, and not only would I be doing weddings within a few months’ time, but I’d be doing 4 of them! 0_o :P
I contacted my friend again after some extensive time of prayer, and I told her “Ok… yes, I’d love to talk to your friend about her wedding, and consider doing their wedding pictures for them.” :P

When I first met Elbia I instantly fell in love with her! She was so sweet and charming, and she was very laid back. Though I had seen her a couple times before at the bank where my friend works, I had never had the chance to actually talk to her. I knew I would just adore working with her for their wedding!

Fast forward to this week:
You could really tell that Elbia and Chris were in love, and anxious to be married. It was such a precious moment to watch them together.
Whenever I’d tell them to stand somewhere, or sit somewhere, she’d naturally lean into him, and he’d bring her closer and start smooching on her to make her laugh, it was almost as if they forgot I was there. I felt like I was intruding on their date night or something. :P But I throughly enjoyed the time. We talked, we laughed, and we took a ton of pictures. ;)

Chris and Elbia met at a Soccer game, they were both parents of a player on opposing teams. Chris said he had seen her at some of the games a few times, but didn’t say anything to her until one game when it was pouring rain. Elbia had come to the game not prepared for the upcoming freezing rain. He had come with an umbrella and a blanket.
He saw her getting wet, and offered to share his umbrella and blanket with her while they watched the kids play.
Chris said he waited for a couple more games before he thought she was willing to let him ask her out.
On their first date, they went to the River Walk in Mishawaka, Indiana. (Where we went to shoot their engagement pictures)

Here’s some of my favorite shots from the session. :)

Elbia & Chris

Where they went for their first date.

Elbia & Chris

A classic, but such a beautiful depiction of their characters. :D

Elbia & Chris

I didn’t even pose them for this, they just started snuggling up together, and I was blessed enough to be there capturing the moment.

262/365 - Elbia & Chris (Engagement)

I asked what was one of the things they enjoyed doing while out on dates.
They said dancing, they loved to salsa dance. Naturally, I had to capture that. ;)

Elbia & Chris

A sweet and tender moment between them.

Elbia & Chris

I don’t normally use this funky of coloring, but I really liked it on this shot.
They were so cute together, walking on the River Walk. :)

Well, my dears… I believe that’s as much as I can show for now. I have a ton more posted on Facebook if you’re interested in seeing them!
Hope you have a fantastic day!

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